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The Ultimate Shave Products Guide: What Every Man Should Know

Ah, shaving! An important but tricky step in anyone’s self-care routine. As we grow older, we learn that there are a few essential steps that we follow for a clean and knick-free experience. It’s not only about removing facial hair but also making sure your skin is healthy and uncut. There’s also the addition of feeling relaxed and rejuvenated if done properly as a form of ritual you could say.

Now, we’re not going to undermine the sheer amount of ‘How Tos’ and ‘Best Shaving Products’ out there. But we will say that this blog is here to assist you in getting as perfect a shave as you can possibly get and provide shaving techniques and our very own products–1922 by J.M. Keune and Proraso Shaving Products. Let’s begin shall we?

Identifying your Skin and Hair Type

Before picking up a razor, an important factor that can be overlooked is your skin type and hair texture. You might have oily, dry, or sensitive skin and the texture might be coarse or fine hair. Whatever the type, factors like these will determine the type of products you would need for the best results. Men with sensitive skin usually prefer alcohol-free shaving products, while those with coarse hair might opt for products with added moisturizers to soften the beard.

Shaving Technique 101 – Prepare Your Skin BEFORE Shaving

Some of you may think that it’s alright to just jump into shaving—absolutely wrong. Why? Chances of nicks and bumps increase if your face is dry. When you take a hot shower, you allow the steam to open your hair and soften the hair enough for the blade to glide through. That’s why it’s important to remove dirt and oil from your skin. Our Proraso Shaving Soap (eucalyptus, sandalwood, and sensitive) is a luxury lathering skin friendly soap designed for coarse beard and/or sensitive skin. This will prevent clogged pores so you could have a closer shave.

Lather Up with Shaving Cream

Once your skin is clean, you will lather– I cannot stress this enough—with a good quality brush on your beard. Shave cream is next – the Proraso Pre & Post Shave Cream has three versions, eucalyptus is for normal or combination skin, tea tree and oatmeal are for sensitive skin, the red one is sandalwood for thicker beards and hair. The 1922 By J.M. Keune Shaving Cream is also an excellent option as it is gentle on skin, moisturizes, and prevents razor burn.

The Right Razor Blades for a Clean Shave

If you’ve cut your face one too many times, then I’m sure you’ll understand the importance of have the best razor. Whether it’s a disposable razor or the old-school safety razors, the right one glides effortlessly across your face and does damage your skin.

Soothe Your Skin with Aftershave

Aftershave should never be overlooked as it is just as important as the cleansing step as it soothes and hydrates your skin. Our Proraso After Shave Lotion Eucalyptus contains natural ingredients like hazel, reduces rashes and razor burn and allows cooling and toning. The added witch hazel. For sensitive skin, we also have the Proraso Liquid Aftershave Lotion Sensitive to give immediate relief to irritated or sensitive skin.

Post-Shave Balm

Some men might stop at the aftershave but that is a mistake. A shaving essential is applying the post-shave balm boosts hydration, seals in moisture and reduces irritation—your skin will feel smooth and refreshed.

All Your Shaving Essentials in One Go!

Your skin and hair need the utmost care—first impressions really do matter! In addition to carefully treating your facial hair, you also need to pick the right product brands. If you don’t know us, Roches Barbers is a family business that has been in the barbering industry since 1878! Roches Barbers cover all aspects of men’s grooming, from haircuts and beard care to hot towel shaving and men’s grooming products.

Proraso is our beloved Italian brand that is known for its shave creams and aftershaves. The products are made with natural ingredients that work on all skin types. Another popular product is 1922 by J.M. Keune, a tightly edited collection of timeless grooming staples that is made in The Netherlands, enriched with home-grown ingredients, and perfected by science. Every single product, from hair gel to beard balm, does what it’s supposed to: bring out your best.

So, gentlemen, arm yourselves with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve the ultimate shave, and may your grooming routine be nothing short of impeccable. Happy shaving!

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