1922 shampoo stick1922 shampoo stick

1922 by J.M. Keune Shampoo Stick 75ml


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1922 By J.M. Keune Shampoo Stick


Airline-approved packaging     Hydrates and nourishes     For hair and beard


Who says shampoo has to be in a bottle?

For guys on the go or who don’t feel like dealing with bottles we have a handy Shampoo Stick.

It’s a solid shampoo that twists up and gets the job done fast.

Just throw the Shampoo Stick in your bag, and you’re ready to go.

Even airline security won’t bother you, because we checked with them first and they totally approve.

We added provitamin B5 to this mild formula, to keep hair and beard nourished and hydrated.

We ship to anywhere in Ireland, the UK and Europe


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