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The Roche Family Legacy: A Journey Through the History of Barbershops and Beyond

In the bustling streets of Dublin, amidst the cobblestones and the echoes of history, lies a legacy woven into the fabric of time—the Roche family’s journey through the storied world of barbershops. Our family had humble beginnings that boomed into the barbering domain we have now. Our story is one we are proud of—passion, tradition, commitment, innovation and, most importantly, family are always intertwined in everything we do. If you’d like the entire story, you’ll find it here

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The Beginnings of a Family Barbering Heritage

Born in 1838, Lucy began her career at the tender age of 12, attending to the grooming needs of Dublin’s nobility in their own homes. In 1860 she married John Roche and had seven children—five sons and two daughters. Lucy and John started a journey that lit the touch that would be passed down through generations of the Roche family.

​Establishing the Roche Traditional Barbershops

As the years passed, the Roche family’s influence in the world of grooming continued to grow. Thomas Roche, the eldest son, opened the first barbershop under the Roche name at 9 Haddington Road, Dublin in 1878, marking the beginning of an illustrious lineage. From Haddington Road to North Strand Road, the Roche barbershops became synonymous with quality, hygiene, and impeccable service. The family were passionate and dedicated to continuously improving their craft which led to the expansion of their barbershops all over Dublin. Each generation added to their family’s success and the Roche name gained more popularity every time.

Joseph Roche, the youngest son, took over the family business in 1930. Despite setbacks like a German bomb destroying their shop in 1941 during World War II, Joseph reopened Roches in 1942 at 153 Lower Kimmage Road, Dublin. It is still open to this day, mirroring the resilience and commitment our family has.

Through the years, the Roche family’s commitment to excellence never wavered. Brendan Roche, Joseph’s eldest son, expanded the family business, introducing a ladies’ salon in 1957. The tradition continued with Vincent, Fergus, Kevin, and Desmond Roche, each establishing their own barbershops across Dublin.

A New Chapter: The Barbering Legacy Continues

As the torch passes to the next generation, Ciaran Clarke—a fifth-generation barber—proudly carries forward the Roche family legacy. In 2002, Ciaran Clarke, a fifth-generation barber of the Roche family, opened Roches Barbers in Kildare Town and then a second one. 

Today, the Roche barbershops span across Dublin and beyond, with each location carrying forward the legacy of craftsmanship and service.

Much like many industries the grooming industry is continuously evolving, changing in every shape and form. One thing remains constant—the enduring legacy of the Roche family. Lucy and John lit the torch and handed it to their children, who then handed it to them and so on. ​

Timeless Classic Grooming 

With each generation come new ideas. Our latest adventure is in the land of hair pieces. An alternative to transplant, the Roche barbershops want to offer customers with the latest grooming techniques. This new venture is not only affordable and convenient but it also keeps the Roches commitment to excellence—to quality. 

Roches Barbers cover all aspects of men’s grooming, from haircuts and beard care to hot towel shaving and men’s grooming products. We have decades of expertise with all the beard products needed to keep you in tip-top style. With our help, you’ll have the perfect beard.

The Roche family—generations of barbers and hairdressers ready to impact the world of grooming and redefining excellence to be carried on by future generations.

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